Blocked Drains

We have the experience and know how to fix any problem drains.  If you have a blocked drain of any type, whether it be inside or out – we have the right tools and specialised equipment for unclogging and cleaning out different types of blockages:

  • Blocked sewers
  • Blocked stormwater drains
  • Blocked sinks & basins
  • Blocked showers & baths
  • Blocked Toilets
  • Blocked Insinkerators

We ensure that all debris is completely cleared that may contribute to a blocked pipe or drain. Silt, fat residues, invasive tree roots – Whatever the problem our plumbers can unblock it with equipment designed for the job – High Pressure Jet  Cleaners, Specialised Cutters and Vacuums, we can handle any job.

Finding the cause

Working out why a drain is getting a blockage is just as important as clearing it. We can help prevent future blockages by checking to see if there are potentially any issues that will continue to cause you drainage problems. To achieve this we can utilise one of our Drain Cameras to locate and view any problem areas if needed. A Drain Camera allows us to pinpoint the problem from above ground, which means no digging or risk missing a problem with your pipes that should be fixed immediately.

Fixing the problem

Once the issue has been located, it is important to fix it properly. Drainage issues can be caused by many factors – broken or misaligned pipes or even a tree root that has decided to tap into the water supply – these situations call for an expert to ensure you won’t have any repeat problems.  By simply replacing or repairing a pipe, you may save yourself and your house from other serious side effects such as a damp foundation or a cracked cement driveway (which can all be caused by collapsing pipes).

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